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Meet your Esthetician

Christine Black, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist, Owner 

At Unblemished Beauty, you will be completely immersed in total relaxation and leave feeling completely refreshed. ​

It is our goal to help educate you on caring for your skin to achieve the results you have always wanted. ​

You will always leave feeling confident no matter what service you receive. ​

What are you waiting for?? 


My journey as an esthetician began with my own struggle with acne. I began my college education with the WORST breakouts of my life. I was so embarrassed about my skin that I would not leave my apartment without a face full of foundation and I would wait until all my roommates went to bed to take it off. After a ton of research out of desperation to heal my skin I came across an esthetician that offered treatment for acne. She helped me learn how to care for my skin properly and inspired me to learn how to do the same for others. My skin took over a year to heal and not long after that I went to esthetics school and have never looked back. 

My career began working for a local spa for three years. During this time I learned so much about being an esthetician and gained a ton of experience. I now am so grateful to have the opportunity to run my own business and continue to impact others and guide them on their journey to clear skin, helping them regain their confidence and love their skin. 

Outside of being an esthetician I am a wife, a mom, and a dog owner. I love Carmel macchiatos, fruit, chocolate, and chick fil a. I have a love for horses, baking, and hosting parties. But most of all I love Jesus with my whole heart. 

If you have been struggling with your acne, or just want to have a safe place to relax, make a friend, and want to leave feeling refreshed and pampered after every appointment then Unblemished Beauty is the place for you! 


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