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Nutrition with Manski's Wellness 

Meet Julia


Hi there! My name is Julia and I am a nutritionist & certified personal trainer with a background in dietetics. I help busy women ditch their strict diet mentality and achieve their goals through offering intuitive meal guides & coaching! I grew up in a small town in PA and have always had a passion to help those who want to look and feel their best but in a sustainable way. When I was in high school, I dealt with some eating disorder behaviors that all stemmed from a lack of nutrition knowledge. I thought restricting eating time frames, spending endless amounts of time on cardio machines and eating low calorie foods was “healthy”. When I pursued my passions into going to school for nutrition, I slowly started to incorporate intuitive based eating into my life which is an anti-diet approach to eating that takes into consideration your cravings, hunger levels & fullness. As your nutritionist… I help you focus on the variety of your nutrients, not calories. I build personalized meal guides for you that fit your crazy schedule, lifestyle, preferences & goals, not automated. I provide grocery lists to prevent last minute dashes to the grocery store. I offer flexibility by allowing you to be in control of the meal guide, not letting it control you.


For more information, please email me at and follow me on instagram @julia_kormanski  for healthy eating recipes, nutrition education and tips!

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